About Us درباره ما

Patchiran is the only organization of its kind in Iran teaching the crafts of Patchwork and Quilting to a worldwide standard.   From small beginnings in 2005, we have grown into an organization which has taught patchwork, quilting, appliqué, fabric dyeing, cartonage and traditional embroidery to over 5000 women from all walks of life and with the introduction of both teaching videos and classes on Iranian National Television we are reaching women in the Provinces too !

Patchiran has set standards and we take pride in our reputation along with a small trained group of teachers we have developed a passion for what we do not only on the creative side but as part of the community we live in.  

I have lived in Iran for 30 years and relying on my own background as a textile designer has been an essential factor in our success at Patchiran. We have been able to create projects that stimulate creativity, attract students and craftsmen as well as create a market. I have had the opportunity to draw on the wealthy cultural heritage from Islamic art and architecture to tribal crafts and textiles and at Patch Iran it is important for us to encourage women to expand their own creativity by using this source to identify with their own cultural legacy and express themselves within it.

As you browse our site you will witness how we are using their creative skills and designing quilts exclusively ‘Iranian’. Women take part not only in intensive courses of elementary, intermediate and advanced patchwork and quilting, dyeing and batik but also creative fabric classes and image making with the most sophisticated computer sewing machines. We have witnessed women in remote towns and villages from Kermanshah to Mashad and Shiraz to Turkaman Sahra using these techniques to decorate their clothing, bridal dowries and prayer mats and coming to grips with state of the art designer software.

We have given textile crafts in Iran a ‘face lift’  by introducing modern methods , techniques and equipment which appeal to the younger generation and have had amazing results  presenting the idea that it is not ‘old fashioned’  nor ‘out of date’  to be creative with a needle and thread . Micro businesses are being set up all over Iran by women who are truly pushing back the boundaries!



Michelle Gilder