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Patchiran & Kook Magazine

The monthly dressmaking and craft magazine ‘Kook’ did a special feature on Patch Iran and published a full advertisement in support of the 5th Patchiran exhibition and have asked us to do an educational project by teaching patchwork and quilting from the elementary stages  in their monthly issue.This way women from all over the country who cannot make it to our classes in Tehran can take part in spreading this craft.

PDF ♥ Sewing Wheel/تجهیزات خیاطی

PDF ♥  Hand Patchwork /کار دست

PDF ♥  Grandmother’s Garden/مادربزرگ باغ/

PDF ♥ Drunkard’s Path/جاده مستان

PDF ♥ Cathedral Windows/پنجره کلیسا

PDF ♥ Squares & Triangles/مربع و مثلث

PDF ♥  گفتگوی صمیمانه